BWTS Sunrui Ballast water treatment systems

SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SunRui) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited (CSIC). SunRui is a high-tech integrated engineering company that was founded in 2003 and is engaged in research, design, manufacturing, engineering, testing and projecting of corrosion control and water treatment at sea.

SunRui becomes the leader in marine environmental technology, contributes to the blue economy, protection of the marine environment and the marine capital strategy, with the driving force behind scientific and technological innovation, offers customers comprehensive solutions, insists on internationalization strategy, leads to rapid development of the industry and aimed at saving resources and environmental protection.

SunRui was declared National High-Tech Enterprises for nine years in a row. It has a high technical team, including the expert of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Taishan scientist and first-class talents. SunRui won the highest award in the field of technical National Science and Technology Progress Award and National Golden Quality Engineering Award in 2008 in China. The main products of SunRui are the national strategic innovation product, the national key product, the prices of famous brand products. Now SunRui owns ballast water treatment, corrosion control, electro-chlorination, seawater desalination, sewage treatment and SCR DeNOx technologies, as well as products. It has a global sales and service network with more than 30 countries and 70 ports, and the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

SunRui continuously develops independent innovation, most R & D results fill the domestic blank and reach the international leading level with the application of almost 100 patents. SunRui presented more than twenty-five National Standard, Military Standard and Industry Standard or Corrosion Control technology, the industry standard of sodium hypochlorite generator technology for electrolysing seawater, the first industry standard for design and installation of ballast water treatment system for vessels with electrolytic method applied to BWMS technology . SunRui BalClor® ballast water management system is a major auxiliary equipment on vessels with fully independent ownership, Sunrui was the first IMO manufacturer to give final approval in China and with DNV, CCS, LR, NK, BV, ABS type approval certified and AMS approval certificate from USCG.

SunRui BalClor® Ballast water management system occupies the top three in the world, especially the first order of installation quantity on large vessels. SunRui is also the only qualified manufacturer of the Electrolytic Sodium Hypochlorite system applied to the Nuclear Power Station in China, shares 90% of the market in Nuclear Power Station, 70% market in Thermal Power Station. Corrosion Control products share 30% of the market in China.

How does this system work?

The BalClorTMS system is based on the so-called "Sidestream Electrolysis" principle. When taking the ballast water, it is first filtered with a backwashing filter. This filter removes all organisms with a size larger than 50 μm. Subsequently, by means of the Electrolysis Unit, a small part of the ballast water is converted into a solution with, inter alia, a high sodium hypochlorite concentration. The solution generated by the electrolysis unit is then injected into the ballast water main flow in order to effectively disinfect the ballast water. This solution kills all micro-organisms in the ballast water in order to meet the D-2 standard. Neutralization: After the filtration and disinfection of the ballast water, the ballast water can be discharged into the surface water without any problems.

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