STERIBAC® candle filter

DrM designed the STERIBAC® candle filter specifically for the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries where GMP shall be followed. These industries have to adhere to strict regulatory agency requirements relating to particle shedding and sterility and require reliably clean and sterile solid-liquid separation steps. The STERIBAC® filter design is derived from the well known FUNDABAC® automatic filter which has been applied in thousands of applications in which the capture of solid particles from liquid streams is required and dry cake discharge is regarded as advantageous. The task of scale-up of solid-liquid separation process steps in the pharmaceutical and bio-process industries must combine the sophistication for programming that can be validated with the simplicity of design and construction. STERIBAC® applications include the separation of biomass from fermenter slurries, the separation of precipitated solids in downstream processing lines, activated carbon treatment of liquid product streams, heterogeneous catalyst separation from hydrogenation reactions, the capture of cell debris of both mammalian and bacterial cells, the removal of precipitates in enzymes and plasma, protein fractions, the separation of phases in blood substitutes, as well as crystal separation of injectable antibiotics