Gulbinat Pigging systems

The use of pigging systems saves time and money. Further loss of raw materials and products will be limited to a minimum. The GULBINAT pigging systems consist of specially matched components such as valves, piggs and pipelines that meet the requirements of the process industry. We offer our customers one solution. We supply components and work together with the customer's pipe layer and automation specialists. The use of the GULBINAT pigging system significantly improves the profitability of production plants due to a long lap time and smaller maintenance intervals. The GULBINAT technology shows the highest quality standards Made in Germany. (GULBINAT offers you hygienic safety that pays for itself.)


  • Transmitter and receiving station for integration in cleaning cycles.
  • Careful "Parking" of the pig when entering the station by damping
  • Optimized flow guidance in the stations
  • (Reinigungsoptimierte Strömungsführung in den Stationen)
  • Pig sensors in the end positions or on the pipeline
  • Sensors for pig location
  • Molch rückführbar mittels Product, Wasser, Luft
  • Can be upgraded at any time with further automation components

Economic benefits

  • free flow, hygienic state efficient
  • higher productivity, product use
  • faster product change
  • short repayments faster and more efficient cleaning of the pigging system
  • less cleaning costs

Ecological benefits

  • less fresh water use
  • less waste water
  • better use of raw materials