Mavag Funda

Swiss precision in Funda® filtration technology and agitators, In the Benelux TAS & Company provides maintenance, overhaul, supply of parts and total solutions for all Mavag products. The so renowned and globally known Swiss solidity and precision can be found in the products of MAVAG. MAVAG has acquired an excellent reputation through its accumulated knowledge and experience. In addition to its own engineering department, which has also acquired various patents on its products (Funda Filters, Funda foam etc.), MAVAG also has its own production and assembly facilities. Due to the long-standing relationship between TAS Company and Company B.V. and MAVAG has a partner where you can realize your product or process installation with short lines. Our products can be manufactured in various types of stainless steel, but also hasteloy-monel or titanium are among the possibilities. As well as coatings with galas-halar rubber and the like.

Overhaul and maintenance

In addition to the supply of complete installations and original Funda filter components, TAS & Company BV can also be used for the maintenance and overhaul of your filter installation. In our workshop we specialize in cleaning and resetting filter plates, cleaning and overhauling other filter package parts as lower and upper bearings. The parts are disassembled and carefully cleaned in our special ultrasonic cleaning baths. After cleaning, the filter components are reassembled with original Funda parts.

Inspection standards

Inspection standards that we can meet include:

  • T.U.V.
  • ASME
  • British Standard
  • Incote Ispesel


Mavag offers a wide range of products such as:

  • Horizontal plate filters.
  • FUNDA Filters (with centrifugal cleaning)
  • Agitators (among others Top agitators, Soil stirrers, Sterile agitators and Dispenser agitators)
  • Process tanks and vessels