Körting Hannover

Körting Hannover AG develops, produces and sells ejectors / vacuum, waste gas purification / environmental and process solutions for heat / ignition technology. The ejectors and vacuum technology products include drive fluid and suction medium gas, water vapor, process vapor, and liquid jet ejectors; mixing and surface condensers; multistage steam jet vacuum systems with mixing and surface condensers; steam jet cooling installations and cooling systems; ice condensation vacuum systems; steam boosters; and liquid jet mixing nozzles and tank mixing systems. The company's waste gas cleaning and environmental technology products include air / oxygen / ozone transfer systems, jet washers, eddy droplet separators and caustic recovery plants. The solutions for process heat and baking technology include burner technologies, combustion chambers and hot gas generators, control technologies and electronic components for various applications in the steel, aluminum, glass and chemical industries, as well as for foundries, process steam generation and asphalt. production. The company offers its ejectors and vacuum technology products in the fields of chemistry, fertilizer production, evaporation technology, petroleum refineries, oleochemicals, gas cleaning, power plants, refrigeration crystallization, papermaking, polyester production, shipbuilding, processing of edible oil, degassing of steel, textile finishing, drip separation and water treatment industries. It serves customers in Germany and internationally. Körting Hannover AG was formerly known as Körting Maschinen- und Apparatebau-Aktiengesellschaft. The company was founded in 1871 and is based in Hanover, Germany


The ejector has many applications in the maritime sector. Within your organization you will therefore be able to use this method of pumping frequently. Where reliability, low costs and simple construction are design criteria, when choosing a pump application, the choice is usually made for the use of an ejector. The ejector is extremely suitable for pumping contaminated liquids. Some examples of these applications are:

  • The (empty) pumping of bilges, anchor locks, ballast tanks. Stripping pipes and tanks.
  • Stripping pipes and tanks.
  • Start-up of non-self-priming pumps
  • Transfer of solids such as cement, barite and bentonite
  • Pumping waste water and mucking
  • Degassing Dredging industry

Ejector types

  • Water jet water ejector Application: Self-priming and suitable for the drainage of bilge water and the stripping of ballast tanks
  • Water jet solids ejector Application: For loading solids as gravel, filter material, sandblasting material or for mixing liquids with solids (Mud ejectors)
  • Water jet vacuum ejector Application: Evacuation of technical systems, removal of gases from empty compartments and degassing on dredgers
  • Water jet air compressors Application: Ventilation and circulation of black water systems on board ships
  • Gas jet vacuum ejector Application: Start-up of evacuation or non self-priming mechanical pumps; removing gases from freight
  • Gas jet solids ejector Application: Moving solids in powder form as granulate on board bulk carriers etc.
  • Steam jet heater Application: For producing hot water for seawater evaporators or washing applications
  • Steam jet vacuum ejector Application: Vacuum systems at head and auxiliary evaporators on board turbine ships.
  • Mix nozzle Application: Mixing tanks
  • Venturi - and jet scrubber Application: Cleaning waste gas and dust removal
  • Swirl drop separator Application: separating gas and drops