The FUNDAMIX® is a universal device for mixing liquids in open or closed vessels, under vacuum or pressure, even in sterile conditions.

It was invented and patented in the late 1960s by Dr. Hans Mueller and subsequently manufactured by Chemap AG under his ownership. The vibratory mixer product line was sold to Graber & Pfenningger GmbH in 1983 and was reacquired by DrM, Dr. Mueller AG in 2012 and renamed FUNDAMIX®.

The electro-magnetic drive operates at 50 to 60 Hz and transmits the vibration via the mixing device or mixing plate attached to a special clamp coupling into the medium.

The amplitude resp. mixing effect is controlled by an electronic system and can be adjusted from 0 to 4 mm. The flow direction can be adapted to suit the medium and required mixing effect. The mixing direction depends on the orientation of the conical holes.

The FUNDAMIX® transfers very little shear force to the process medium and is therefore able to provide a gentle mixing action suitable for live cells or delicate crystals. Still, depending on the working amplitude and the size of the mixing plate, very turbulent flow conditions can be achieved, resulting in high diffusion rates and heat transfer coefficients and optimal solids suspension.

Standard mixers are in 316L stainless steel, but can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including Hastelloy, Titanium and various plastics.

FUNDAMIX® can operate continuously without overheating or amplitude variations.

The mixing effect is produced by a vertical vibration transmitted to a perforated stirrer plate equipped with conical bores with no rotation involved. Due to the Bernoulli effect, this vibration causes the liquid to be pumped upward or downward through the cones.