The main purpose of DrM, Dr. Mueller AG is the continuous search for and development of solid / liquid separation solutions that help us improve our living environment and at the same time improve the efficiency of our customers' business processes. The completely closed system design, the automation, the washing and drying principle of our filter systems have a major influence on achieving these goals.

Tailor-made solutions

We do not offer standard “off-the-shelf” filtration systems. Every liquid solids separator is custom designed based on the specific process parameters of customer We offer stand-alone candle filters and complete fully automated ready-to-use skidded systems. We see every application as a challenge to serve our customers satisfactorily, whether the application is simple or complex. Our vibro mixer product line consists of a number of standard models with many options to meet your technical and budgetary requirements.

Think big - trade locally

DrM produces its filtration systems and vibro mixers at its headquarters in Switzerland. In addition, filtration systems are manufactured in DrM locations in Poland, China and India. In addition, DrM works with certified third-party production partners from all over the world.

Understanding your application

Every liquid and solid matter separation application is unique. DrM therefore always starts an offer process with an interview. Following this interview you will receive a questionnaire and you will be asked to complete it as completely as possible. On the basis of this questionnaire, the engineers from Drm will either make an offer with technical specification or make a proposal for on / site tests or a test set-up.

Quality above all

DrM is ISO 9001 certified. We are committed to the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system. All our products undergo a thorough quality control program. This program includes thorough inspections and tests that are performed before the product is sent to the customer.