CEPA Padberg Centrifuges

The CEPA centrifuges are characterized by their heavy robust construction. Which greatly contributes to a quiet and vibration-free course. Another advantage of this is that usually no extra foundation is required. In this way you remain optimally flexible with possible movements. CEPA's own research center in combination with decades-old expertise in various industries is at your disposal for developing and testing new applications. problems.


CEPA centrifuges for separation can be used for, inter alia.

  • Food and stimulants industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Machining industry
  • Blood banks
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical and process industry
  • Laboratories

Types of centrifuges

  • RZ Cleaning Centrifuge Application: Cleaning liquids from solids (cooling, drilling & cutting oil, emulsions
  • TZ Technicum Centrifuge Application: Filter. Separate, wash dry, clear, rinse, Impregnate, Pickle.
  • GZ Industrial Centrifuge Application: Filter, separate, wash, dry, clear, rinse, impregnate.
  • SZ Peeling Centrifuge
  • GLS Closed Laboratory Centrifuge
  • LS Laboratory Centrifuge
  • Z High speed Centrifuge (Z61, Z81)